Targeting multiple URLs, is it possible without multi-page?



I'd like to run an experiment on my homepage. We have multiple urls for the homepage that I would like to target:

I also want to EXCLUDE urls that have a specific query param:


Is it possible to handle this with the url targeting? It looks like I can only add ONE "or" condition and then add multiple "ands" to that single "or".


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




This setup below should work:

The only limitation is that people will qualify for the activity url when they view that primary URL ( regardless of whether or not the query "ignorethispage" = true. If that is a problem, you can account for this by simply adding the negative condition (ignorethispage=true) to your audience and you will be covered.

Hopefully that helps

- Jon Tehero, Sr. Product Mgr, Adobe Target