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I have been stumped by a question here at my company and I wonder if anyone could suggest an approach.


My colleague wants to target an A/B test specifically at users of their-own profile pages.


Let me give some context:


Our website Mendeley has profile pages for our users like this one for Victor...


You and I can view that profile, its public so to speak, but there is another use case, we'd like to optimise around users viewing their own profile's/


My question is how can I run an A/B test so that when Victor views his profile page, he is targetted in the A/B test?

As said above we'd like to run an A/B test for users looking at their own profile pages



We track these views in Adobe Analytics,  "ownprofile:yes" in the (longer) value of content detail [v104].


Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance 





Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)





How to get it done:
1. Make sure you have A4T (Analytics for Target) Enabled.
2. Build an audience in Analytics to capture visitors who meet eVar104 = "ownprofile:yes"
3. Use that audience in Target to filter only those users in the activity in question.
Important things to keep in mind:
No visitor will qualify for the Campaign the first time they match the criteria for the Analytics Segment/Audience.

The first time they match is used by the system to catalog and classify them.

They can only qualify if they return a subsequent time and it has to be 24-48hrs later. Only at that point will they trigger the Campaign based on that Analytics Segment/Audience.

Keep in mind that visitors and visits are always counted in Analytics regardless if we get into the campaign or not.

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