targeting a page who has visited a landing page

Prarthana_Sharm 27-10-2017


I am trying to target a user who has visited a landing during a session will then see a targeted banner for the landing page page

How should I approach this?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


You should create a profile script to do this. You can evalauate the URL of the page a visitor is hitting and then store some profile in Target against that visitor. Here is a basic on that will work:

You could also layer on some session logic that only set it if it's a new session. This might prove helpful: Profile Script Attributes

Answers (2)

Answers (2)


Hi Prarthana,

Are there any errors on the profile script list screen for your new profile? I think your profile script looks fine. After viewing the XYZ page and then loading another page you do not see the XYP page show up in an mbox trace? You should find it in the trace object under this path:

trace > profile > afterExecutionProfileSnapshot > profileAttributes. It should be named user.WhatEverYouNamedIt.

Prarthana_Sharm 16-11-2017

HI ryan,

so Tried the audience with -  but didnt work

Visitor Profile: user.visited_XYZ_page equals

XYZ Page

visited_XYZ_page profile -

if (page.url.indexOf(" ") >= 0) {

  return 'XYZ Page';


I did mbox trace and do not see the profile there as well. Please help.

waiting to hear back on this