Target XT - sample size for audienced based personalization experiences



We’re running a Target experience targeting (XT) activity.

We show 5 different hero images to 5 different audience based on industry. The default control version receives 2,336 avg daily visitors, but the industry specific experiences get much, much lower counts.

We want to answer the question, how long does the XT need to run in order to hit statistical significance?

I understand how to use the sample size calculator to estimate needed traffic volumes for A/B tests. For example, the Adobe based sample size calculator

However, I don't think this calculator will work for audience based personalization when each audience gets a different number of avg daily visitors. The sample size calculator assumes that each offer gets an equal number of daily average visitors.

Does anyone have any recommendations on the (best approach/tools) to determine how long the XT needs to run if the daily avg visits are different for each audience?

Thank you!

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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