Target Upgrade with legacy mboxs




I am trying to upgrade to Target Premium on a site that has Target Classic already installed.  What I have read in the upgrade documentation is that both the new Target with Global Mbox, and target Classic regional mboxes can co exist on the page.  I have set up Target Premium using DTM (by the way I have done this on sites without Classic quite easily) for the Web property using automated mbox update, however when I check my pages the new global mbox has not appeared and in one particular journey the regional mboxes have disappeared also. 

So I wanted to check

a) Am I right in saying that Global Mboxs (target premium) and Regional Mboxs (target classic) can co-exist?

b) Can I fire mbox.js through DTM, even though there is a reference to mbox.js in the page from the Classic implementation?

c) Any ideas what might have caused the Target premium implementation not to work?




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Thanks Parit

I understand now, as a follow up though.

Would you know -  If I keep my classic tests running, fire mbox.js through DTM for Target Premium, and then remove the hard coded mbox.js - will my tests still run with the updated mbox.js.