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We are moving from H27.5 to Appmeasurement.js and I am getting the below error in the console when the page loads, this was not there before the upgrade, I have altered the 'TNT Integration Plugin v2.0H' so that we use 's.Util.getQueryParam' but still the error is showing and there is no analytics call going off. 

Cannot read property 's_tnt' of undefined

In the doPlugins sections we just call s.track() 

s.tnt = s.trackTNT();

Any ideas on how to fix this, is there a later version of the plugin that will work with appmeasurement as we are not ready to move to A4T yet? 

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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As you alluded to in your question, the SC to TNT integration has been deprecated. It has been replaced by the A4T integration as of April 17the 2014.  However, our Target support team indicated that the integration should still work as long as you've added the necessary code block back into your Analytics code as described in steps 4-6 in this documentation.



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