Target Standard Manual Traffic Split change to 100% - question about how traffic allocation works

kevinob 02-09-2016

Redirect Test "X" has been running a while, splitting traffic between A (control) and B.

  • Adobe Target Standard
  • A/B Redirect Test
  • Target Audiences: All Visitors
  • Traffic Allocation: Manual
  • Traffic Split: 50% A, 50% B
  • All other nuances aside.... If I manually change the % split to 100% for Experience B... will Visitors who had previously been allocated to A (Control) now be sent to Experience B when they return? 

I know there are other/ better ways to achieve the traffic split (copying old test, creating new test, setting that at 100%... etc etc. I also suppose that as long as Experience A exists there'd be ways people would see it ... even if were because Target timed out and the 'default' experience needed to be displayed for example). 


What I'm asking is how is the target code for traffic allocation supposed to work? When traffic split gets set to 100%... will the tool ignore previous experience assignment and try to send "ALL VISITORS" to Experience B... even those who had been put in Experience A?

  1. Answer 1 would be: Yes, the change to 100% makes Target attempt to send All VIsitors, irrespective of prior experience assignment, to Experience B
  2. Answer 2 would be: No, those visitors who were assigned into experience A in prior Visits would continue to see Experience A in return visits  (----but in this case I'd assume at least all "New Visitors" would get experience B)

So is answer 1 or 2 correct?

Thanks in advance, Kevin

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Kevin,

The answer is 2.  Visitors in an A/B test will stay in their initially-assigned experiences.  The traffic change will impact new entrants only.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

kevinob 06-09-2016

Nope. Not as far as I can tell. If it does answer it and I'm missing it, can you kindly let me know what the answer is? I've read those in the past... and just read them again. They do not seem to speak to my question but I might be missing something.