Target: Smartphone landscape view returns control experiment

alexanderg32535 01-12-2017

Hi Team,

I did setup a personalisation campaign with specific coverstories on our homepage against a control experiment. It works fine with desktop but with Smartphones there is an issue. When switching to landscape mode the personalized experience gets overwritten and the default pops up.

You can mimic the experience by doing this with your Smartphone:

Visit the following url a number of times:

Go back to the home page by appending a name-value pair to the url as following:

You should see a different coverstory who corresponds with Fernreisen (long distance travel).

Now switch to landscape mode.

Now the personlized experience gets overwritten by default.

Any advice from the community? I would be very grateful.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

nimkumar 04-12-2017

Hi Alex,

Can you share the device details? I tried this on Android and on the desktop Chrome browser (using Dev Tools) and it worked as expected: Fernreisen was displayed and the default experience was not visible.

Best, Nimit.


Sr. Product Manager @ Adobe Target

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

alexanderg32535 06-12-2017

Hi Nimit,

The problem still remains. I think this is due to a REACT Component. We will try and resolve this internally using an mBox Update.