Target Recommendations using mbox parameters and augmenting data with a feed




I am storing product information via mbox parameters (product, urls, stock...) and would like to use a csv feed to augment my data with promotional messages.

However, when I am uploading a csv feed with the additional information, it overwrites the data stored via the mbox. How can use both together?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @m_v, As documented at Plan and implement Recommendations , when combing mbox data with a CSV feed, Priority is given to whichever set of data runs most recently. If you pass the feed first and then update the page parameters, changes that are made in the page parameters will be shown, replacing item information passed in the feed or vice versa. Hence instead of passing all the parameters though the mbox and feed, separate them such that in the  feed you pass the entities  that does not change frequently. Once the feed is set up and passed to Recommendations, pass parameters on the page for attributes that change frequently, i.e. more often than daily. This will ensure that all your parameters are not overwritten. Hope this helps.

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