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Hello, brand new to Adobe Target and new to these forums, but glad i've found a place where i can look to others for advance.

I've been on the training course, but it was still high level and not really tailored to an eCommerce site.  So hope you can help with this one.

I have a site that has over a million products.   If i hand picked 500 of these products and wanted to display a common message on their product detail pages.  Is this even possible?

I.e can i set up a target or segment based on a long list of SKU's that i can upload to Target or Analytics?

Hopefully the above makes sense and is a really simple Q to answer.


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Welcome on board! Now I don't know your data architecture, but if you have some common attributes for those 500 products, you could send that to Target via a mbox for example, and then create a segment in target.
See for example this article about sending additional parameters via the global mbox:

I would not use Analytics to setup the audience/segment, as data are up to 48 hours delayed (see for additional details).

Depending on your site structure there may be other ways around it, such as targeting URL's matching a specific pattern but it is hard to give you your best options, since I don't know your site or data architecture.

Hope this helps? If you post a URL to the site, I can have a look at it and give my recommendations.


Thomas Løjmann Jørgensen
Lead Solution Architect

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Hi Ian,

Welcome to Adobe Target Community. I hope the above answer from Thomas helps to answer your queries.

We would love to hear from you more. Go ahead and Introduce yourself to the Community

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Parit Mittal