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Good Morning. I am fairly new to Target and I just set up my first A/B test. The test goes to different web pages to see which takes the user deeper into our site. Its working fine for my Control page but the Conversion Rate is 0 on my test page although I have selected the element I chose for my conversion goal. I am not sure why this second page is not showing conversions on the report. Any thoughts?


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Hi there!


Hmm, I’d check a couple things:

1) is the 2nd page on the same domain? 
2) is the target server call firing on the 2nd page? You can try the Experience Cloud Debugger to confirm!

3) if that’s working, can you set up a simple activity in Target that forces you into test experience? Maybe a 1 experience A/B test? Then you can test that you see the content you expect. 

I’m guessing that the call isn’t firing on that 2nd page, or there is some targeting set up that is preventing people from getting into that experience. Let us know how it goes!





Hi @JenGi 

You would need to include the second page (if it is different from Activity Url) as an additional page in the activity, to track the clicks. Target is unable to This recognise the second page in activity configuration and thus unable to track the clicks. This is working as designed.


Let me know if that helps.





@JenGi  Please confirm the Target library you are using at your end to test this. Is it at.js 1.x OR 2.x?

Also, are both the pages on the same domain or different ones?

Please also mention the conversion metric you are using to track the conversions.







Hi @JenGi ! I offered up your question to @kimenw , Director of Adobe Target Product Management, during our Adobe Target Community Q&A Coffee Break (happening now!). Check out the conversation here to see Kimen's response! Feel free to reply in the thread for follow up, and be sure to join us at the next Coffee Break, happening every other Wednesday here in the Target Community @ 10AM PDT 😊