Target Audience geo-targeting to cover the NY Metropolitan Area



I'm creating an activity that needs to shown to audiences who are located in the tri-state or NY Metropolitan area. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any simple or efficient methods to create this audience. The only feasible solution I can currently see would be to include every municipality and city, or zip code in metropolitan area, which would be tedious on my end. Thanks!

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Thanks for replying Mihnea,

However I think there may be a bit of a misunderstanding. When we mention the Tri-state area, we are referring to the NY Metropolitan Area. The NY Metropolitan Area is a region that is composed of certain cities, & counties of each state that are tied socioeconomically.  Please see the image below.

image (7).png

As Shruthi N mentioned, the only possible solution we can observe right now would be to include every municipality and city, or zipcode within the metropolitan area. Would you happen to know of any other efficient methods that we can potentially try to reduce workload of inputting every city or zipcode?