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Hello Forum,

I'm posting to inquire about how/why the Target "SYSTEM" would deactivate a profile script?

We have two of them that exclude our internal IP addresses, and to the best of my knowledge have worked for quite some time. However, it was brought to my attention, after activating a test, that someone from one of the excluded IPs was able to qualify. It was only after checking that I discovered that the two profile scripts were deactivated back in June of this year.

Any insight is appreciated!

- Brion

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi bkmills1 . This could happen if your script is not written in a fault tolerant way. Target disables the script in case of any exception or run time errors during the execution of profile scripts . Sometimes a script may work for a year before running into such a situation, but it should still handled properly.Hence please review best practices listed here and adjust the script to account for cases where a variable may get null as value and add a default value if applicable.

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