Stopping an activity and restarting after changing metrics. What are the variations that can happen in reporting?




If an Adobe Target activity had be scheduled and gone live what are the implications of the following;


1. Conversion Metric is changed while activity is still live. Does this change funnel down or overwrite analytics reporting?

2. What is the impact on Analytics reporting in general?



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I'm not 100% certain if the system will even allow you to change the conversion metric after the activity has been started. If it does the risk will be that inevitably at a later point in time someone will look at the conversions and compare the latest conversion metric "carrots sold" with "carrots sold" in Analytics and wonder why they don't match. (The answer will be because it was originally counting "beets sold" and then was later changed to count "carrots sold" but they won't knwo that) Hope that helps illustrate why that is not good practice. The system will not be able to overwrite past data as fi the new metric had originally been selected. If you decide to change the metric after you activate the activity my recommendation would be to do the following:
a.) De-activate existing activity.
b.) Clone it.
c.) Add somethign in the name to help differentiate it.
d.) Modify the conversion metric in the new activity.
e.) Activate that new activity.

Hope this helped you out.

Mihnea Docea | Technical Support Consultant | Customer Experience | Adobe | 1 (800) 497-0335



Hi @georgel63092844 !


The data once passed to analytics is never overwritten or deleted. so if you change conversion metric after making it LIVE then you would suggest to view the conversions as below

(Total conversions of the activity - Total conversions before making the change in success metric)= total conversions with new success metric.


However lift and confidence of the activity will be displayed, with respect to both the success metric.


So as @mikewebguy  mentioned , in such cases, it is always suggested to create a copy of existing activity with the modifications and make the new activity LIVE.