Step by step guide to add click goals via Form based composer

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Here are 2 options I can think of off the top of my head:

  1. Use "clicked an mbox" option.
    1. On the Goal & Settings step choose conversion for your goal metric.
    2. Choose Clicked an mbox in the drop down.
    3. Choose the mbox that is wrapped around the content you want to track clicks against.
    4. Caveate: Your mbox must be wrapped around the element you want to track clicks for. Any clickable element wrapped in that mbox will count as a conversion when clicked.
  2. Use embedded trackEvent function
    1. Pick a click tracking mbox name (if you aren't already using one in Target) and fire a request to Target with this name (this will load the mbox name in the mbox dropdown list for configuring the click tracking conversion).
      1. To do this simply load your web page (with Target implemented) in a browser. Open the developer tool console. Run this line in the console:{mbox:'clickTracker'});
      2. You can modify "clickTracker" to be what ever you choose.
    2. On step one, when adding an HTML offer to your experience(s) insert click tracking code on the clickable elements you desire to track.
      1. code sample: <a href="" onclick="{mbox:'clickTracker'});">My test link</a>
      2. If you need to track multiple elements uniquely you can add parameters to the trackEvent to distinguish them, or simply create unique mbox names. Examples of this can be found on Help
    3. On the Goal & Settings step choose conversion for your goal metric.
    4. Choose Viewed an mbox in the drop down.
    5. Select your clickTracker mbox.
      1. If you added parameters (for multiple click tracking elements) you can click the gear icon and add audience to create unique audiences based on custom mbox parameters.
      2. If you used unique mbox names (for multiple click tracking elements) just simply create a new success metric and select the appropriate mbox name in the drop down.

That should do it.

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