SPA - Unable to set Click Element as Primary Goal on a pop-up



Hi Target Team,

Recently I have link my primary goal to one of pop-up buttons ( which appears on the main SPA page ) to track the number of conversion.

After too many tests(in staging enviroment) I realized I am not getting any results for the conversion where as I am seeing the Visitor numbers.

NOTE: This issue doesn't occur when I link Prim. Goal to one of the buttons on the main page.

When I looked at the console I could see the following when the page load happens !

AT: Actions with missing selectors


action: "trackClick"

clickTrackId: "32767.105766"

selector: "#app > DIV.wrapper:eq(0) > DIV.main-content:eq(0) > DIV.container:eq(0) > DIV:nth-of-type(3) > DIV.modal:eq(0) > DIV.modal-dialog:eq(0) > DIV.responseMessage:eq(0) > DIV.modal-footer:eq(0) > BUTTON.btn-sm:eq(1)"

__proto__: {…}

__defineGetter__: function __defineGetter__()

__defineSetter__: function __defineSetter__()

__lookupGetter__: function __lookupGetter__()

__lookupSetter__: function __lookupSetter__()

constructor: function Object()

hasOwnProperty: function hasOwnProperty()

isPrototypeOf: function isPrototypeOf()

propertyIsEnumerable: function propertyIsEnumerable()

toLocaleString: function toLocaleString()

toSource: function toSource()

toString: function toString()

unwatch: function unwatch()

valueOf: function valueOf()

watch: function watch()

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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