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Hi all,


I see that for SPAs, triggerView() fires a 'delivery' network request for a 'notification', much like a metric used under, rather than 'content' as seen with


I understand how to configure builds against triggerView in the VEC, but we have issues with the VEC in our secure account area, in that security issues currently restrict the site being viewed through an iFrame. This makes editing very tricky.


My question is therefore: Is it possible to use the Form-based editor in conjunction with triggerView? In the 'Location' field, I see no option to select the 'view' key that is passed in the triggerView() call, and targeting the 'target-global-mbox' with audience refinements for page URL doesn't work either.

How does the VEC recognise these view changes if it's not with new mbox names? Can that be replicated in the form-based editor?


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Hey Chris,


As far as I'm aware - using triggerView in the form based composer isn't available (+1 vote for this in the future). Have you tried using the Adobe Target chrome extension? It helps to remove the iframe busing headers on your browser:


The only other thing around this is you could put an offer code on the target-global-mbox and utilise the success events to watch for the triggerView call to fire the code?


Hope that helps,

Another Chris