Several campaigns with the same locations(mboxes)



 We have several campaigns that share the same locations(mboxes). Campaigns specified on different AEM env.(DEV, TEST,PROD) and for some env. incorrect campaign pulled from AT on publish instance.


There are two campaigns DEV_Industry_campaign for AEM DEV env. and TEST_Industry_campaign for AEM TEST env.

This two campaigns share the same mbox(content-test-website-par-text). For DEV env. pulled correct campaign(DEV_Industry_campaign), but for TEST evn. pulled DEV_Industry_campaign and mbox cannot be loaded.

Is it possible to bind the campaign based on host or other attributes? Perhaps there are best practices for creating, testing and use the campaigns that share mbox locations on different AEM env?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Andrii,

For  adding the Refinements, Please login to Adobe target account and choose the Correct Activity( i.e. Campaign to be edited)  from Activity list and then under the mbox location add the Refinement such as Domain equals ""  . Please see the below snapshot for more details: 

Thanks & Regards

Parit Mittal

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Hi Pari Mittal,

I have a query regarding the refinement options too.

I was working on "Inserting a dynamic image from Adobe Target to Adobe Campaign" using the reference ml.It is successfully completed.

However  I wanted to include "Additional decision parameters" in Campaign which I can use in Target Activity refinement.

So I added gender as a "Additional decision parameter" in my campaign while adding dynamic image from target(rawbox) in my Email delivery but I cant see the 'gender' option as a parameter in Adobe target activity.

What might be the possible reason for this? How to resolve this.

Note : Attachment shows the gender parameter being included in 'Text Content' of the Email .

Another attachment is refinement of Target activity where I do not find the gender 'option'.


gender target.png





Hi Parit Mittal,

Thank you for your response.

The thing is that when campaign synchronized with Adobe Target status for this campaign is automatically set to Approved. We use AEM 6.1 for personalization and synchronization with Adobe Target.

If understand correctly this campaign will be automatically available for all hosts(Development, Staging and Production). 


Could you please provide more detail about Refinements functionality("We can add the Refinements such as "Domain" or "URL" to different  Activity Location")? Where this functionality can be found?


Thanks a lot,




Hi ,

In Adobe Target Classic , This is typically handled through the Host Groups settings in Target Advanced.  Host groups allow you to manage your different domains differently.  For example, "" and "localhost" could be put into a Host Group called "Development" that is set to show "Unapproved and Approved Campaigns."  Then, if you Save but don't approve your campaign you can view it on your Development environment.

In Adobe Target Standard ,We can add the Refinements such as "Domain" or "URL" to different  Activity Location.  like the below snapshot :

Thanks & Regards

Parit Mittal