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When I checked hosts from setup in Adobe Target, there are always irrelevant web pages added automatically  probably.

how I prevent this , what causes this ?

Thank you

Burçak Köksal

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Sometimes domains from other sites appear in your environments. A domain appears in the list if the domain makes a call to your


.For example, if somebody copies one of your web pages to their server, that domain appears in your environment. You might also see domains from spider engines, language translator sites, or local disk drives.

By default, any host that contains an mbox call registers with Target in the Production environment and has access to all active and approved activities. If this is not the desired approach, you can instead use the whitelist to record specific hosts that are eligible to make mbox calls and receive Target content. All hosts will continue to display in the Hosts list, and environments can still be used to group these hosts and assign different levels to each, such as whether the host can see active and/or inactive campaigns.

To create a whitelist:

  1.   From the Hosts list, click the Settings tab.     
  2.   Select Enable Authorized Hosts for Content Delivery checkbox.     
  3.   Add the desired hosts in the Host Contains box, as desired. 

   4.   Click Save.     

If an mbox call is made on an unauthorized host, the call will respond with /* no display - unauthorized mbox host */.

The whitelist takes precedence over environments. You should clear out all hosts before using the whitelist feature, then only the hosts allowed by the whitelist appear in your hosts list. You can then move the hosts into the desired environment.   

For details around this you can also refer: Manage Hosts and Environments

Hope this helps.



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