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Hi everyone!

We're migrating from DTM to Launch. I'm using the 'Adobe Target v2 - Add Params to Page Load Request' action in my Launch rule to add in profile and entity parameters. Previously we did this all in custom code so it's great being able to add these via the extension.

However, one thing I can't seem to set is the SDID value for A4T. On some pages we will have multiple Mboxes firing (as we will want to fire tests based on answers to particular questions, appearance of certain modals etc.), but in the Target requests the SDID values are different each time. How can I make it so that all Target requests on the same page have the same SDID? So far I've tried adding in the mboxMCSDID parameter to the parameters action and it didn't do anything. I also tried adding targetPageParamsAll to fire before the library loads and that didn't work either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The SDID is used to connect the Analytics and Target hits together on the back end for the A4T integration. I'd suggest using the Experience Cloud ID Service to consistently identify users across your Adobe solutions as it was designed just for that purpose.



"The way the out-of-the-box settings are configured for Target and Analytics integration from an implementation perspective is to use the SDID that is passed from the page to stitch the Target and Analytics request together on the backend automatically for you."