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Hi Team,

I have a question in regards my product summary page. Please see the example below. The combination of urls go up to 100, depends on the products which were selected by a user on the previous page.

Question: given that the url changes, it's hard to use Visual Composer as I would have to set different experiences for each product. Is that any way around this?

Could someone help?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Jakub,

You are wanting to do a "template test".  That is documented here:

With respect to the # of combinations (up to 100), have you considered passing a parameter to your global mbox on the Product Summary Page?   I've linked to the documentation below.  The idea would be that you could use a data layer or some other data source and so populate your Adobe Target call with something like "pageType=ProductSummary"


If you use the parameter approach, you could address all current and future URL combinations with a single name/value pair. 

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