Seperate Audience for Looged-in Users and Anonymous Users to be used in Recommendation Activity

abhishekg984108 06-09-2018
  1. How can we create audience to specify that a audience is logged in or logged out? In the create Audience section which rule we can select so that we can create separate audiences for logged-in users and anonymous users?

We want to create separate audience for logged in users and a separate audience for anonymous users, so that we can use these audiences while creating recommendation activity wherever required.


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Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Abhishek, There is no out of the box audience to target logged in and not logged in users. You will need to use profile attributes that captures the login information and store it in the user's profile and then build an audience of that. Eg. use some attribute such user.loggedin and set value to true or false.  Then you can build a audience based on the visitor profile value.

For more information on this use case please refer to section "In-page profile attributes (also called "in-mbox profile attributes) "

under Methods to get Data into Target .

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Answers (1)


Hi Abhishek,

If you have the customer Ids you want to target to, then you can also use customer attribute functionality to differentiate between logged in and logged out users on the webpage.

Please refer to below document for more information in this regard.

Customer Attributes

Hope that helps.