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Is it possible to use some other system (internally built or other vended product) to control, within a given activity, which users get allocated to each bucket?  Basically bypass the Target allocation system and pass this in via API or similar?

We have multiple A/B (and other) experiment testing platforms, and are looking into possibilities for experiment consistency across all of them.

If we have a centralized process that determines experiment allocation at runtime, could this be passed into Target?   To allow existing users to still utilize capabilities within Target, while centralizing experiment allocation for cross-platform consistency.


Looking through the API code and documentation, it was difficult to determine if this was possible in any of the Activity APIs.

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Hi @Scott_Shindel,

If I understand correctly you want to determine which experience a visitor gets outside of Target but then still use Target to serve the experience and report on it? I think you could accomplish this by passing a custom parameter in the Target request that denotes which activity/experience they should see and then setting up a corresponding XT activity with audiences based on the custom parameters you are sending.




@Scott_Shindel Unfortunately, there is no inbuilt feature available in Target that lets to control the traffic allocation of the activity. However, you could probably use the custom script for achieving this.



Karan Dhawan