Search&Promote- I don't think I get it



Can someone help with the "sell" of search and promote? I get that the product is trying to surface more relevant content, but in regards to search activity, how it is different than my dev going in, setting a search variable to capture the original term, then if the user refines the search term, setting a variable to capture the refined term, then updating the meta tags with the refined term? 

I have to be missing something, right?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to Adobe Community.

It’s much more than surfacing relevant content or capturing variables, here is some of the highlights of the tool from top of my mind.

  • Feeds – can consume data from external source (Google terms, feeds, XML etc)
  • Promotion and merchandising
  • Geographical search
  • Multi language support, dictionary and linguistics
  • Autocomplete & Search as you type
  • Robust output in different forms (XML, JSON or HTML)
  • Integration with analytics & active ranking (Can integrate with other solutions like AEM, Target etc)
  • Business rule builder and scalable approach
  • Search management and manage marketing  (Change banners/creative based on search keywords)

Hope that helps!

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