search&promote facet flow expects json while seach is working with xml response



We are using search&promote for seach on our site.

The usage is prettymuch inline with the OOTB searchpromote components in libs/cq/searchpromote path.

We receive an XML from s&p server.

We now are looking at having facets, I tried putting linklist facet on results page to get facets but it failed, so looking at logs and going through jar I noticed that facet component in its dialog calls a servlet (path+facetList.json) this servlet calls searchpromoteservice's get facetList method.

      String facetList = this.searchpromote.getFacetList(memberId, accountNo);
      JSONObject facets = new JSONObject(facetList);

but it then tries to convert string response as JSON object and fails since the URL results xml rsponse.

Only changing this setting in search & promote to return json would suffice or I will have to make any other changes as well?




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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi ,

You should make sure that the XML that it is received is the AEM XML, not the normal XML. Also, it is not clear that which version of AEM your are sing . Actually is AEM code calling S&P, so the you should put the question in the AEM forum or contact support. you  should not modified the templates in S&P to return JSON and you  eed to re-write the AEM components to read them correctly, basically implement all S&P components.

Thanks & Regards

Parit Mittal

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