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Alberto_León 03-03-2016


In our Search&Promote account, Settings>Account Options>Account Settings, I’m trying to change the website address but when I click “re-build”, it appears an error.

It looks like the Indexing is referred to a previous website although we change the website address. In addition, I tried to add our url as a Entrypoint, but in our account doesn’t appear the options related to do it: Settings > Crawling > URL Entrypoints. (https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/snp/t_adding_multiple_url_entrypoints_tha t_you_want_indexed.html)

I’d like to know how to re-assign a new website to an account.

Many thanks,

Alberto L.

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Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi There,

Thanks for reaching out to Adobe Community.

Unfortunately, the above error needs manual intervention. So, I would request you to kindly reach out to the client care team.


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