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Hi there,

I am attempting to build an XT activity to hold multiple personalization campaigns on the same page, however I also want to run them as A/B test at the same time.

I have previously tried to set them up as individual A/B test activities, however that approach was not prioritizing segment types correctly as some customers could belong to more than one segment. Where the prioritization was failing was that it was sending customers who belonged to more than one group to the segment with the bigger population, thus preventing smaller more complex segments reaching their full audience.

To get around this issue I have set up an XT activity with a profile script for control experiences to belong to group A and challenger experiences to belong to group B. I have then prioritized (example below) the segments from smallest segment population to largest segment population in the assumption that it will waterfall down.

Small segment group A control

Small segment group B challenger

Medium segment group A control

Medium segment group B challenger

Large segment group A control

Large segment group B challenger

Would the above approach work? Would the control/challenger experiences need to be in their own separate XT activities?

If not what other set up in target would allow for the same outcome?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Mike

The approach looks quite interesting. It seems that you have been able to create segments small / Medium and Large such that users will get Medium when not falling into Small. So, small is a subset of Medium. However, then you have created two mutually exclusive groups to split Small into 2 buckets. Such still maintaining the hierarchy. So, yes, you should be able to target these in the right order and get sense of difference between them.

Go ahead and try and do share the feedback.

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