Revenue Comparisons Between Target Classic and Premium



I recently switched over from Target Classic to Target Premium and am having some revenue discrepancies. The revenue data coming in through Premium is down on average of about 30% per day compared to Classic data. The impressions data is also inconsistent, but not consistently down. Has anyone else experienced this? What could be the cause of this difference? Thanks!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Adobe Target Premium and standard sits on the same foundational platform as classic so there should not be any issues unless there is a change in your implementation.

We would recommend you to reach out to Adobe Target customer care they can surely help you debugging the same. Please see the following link for information on reaching out to customer care

Please note that only supported user for a company account can reach out to Customer care. If you are not a supported user for your company account, Please reach out to your Account Manager.


Parit Mittal

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