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We have recently ran a A/B test. The test had a goal to see if a redesign would increase conversion.

They was it was set up is by creating 4 sets of urls with the redesigned pages and within experience B of target, set the pages to redirect to these URLs.

My question is even though the pages are set to redirect, will a hit still be count for the old url as well?


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This is a great question. In order to make sure I fully understand what you are asking I'll re-phrase your questions and provide an answer to it.

Question: When redirecting from URL1 URL2 do both pages increment visits?

Answer: Yes since both pages were loaded both pages will increment visits.

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Are you using A4T as a reporting source, if so, here's a link to our FAQ on redirect URLs and A4T:

Redirect offers - A4T FAQ

One of the things it specifically points out is that there are some circumstances where both hits get counted.  Additionally, it is recommended that you use at least at.js version 1.6.4 as your Target Library.  1.7.0 is the current version and version details are available here:

at.js version details

I hope that helps,

Peter Hartung

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