Redirect A/B Test (Activity) in Adobe Target




I am using Redirect to create two version of the test as the new landing page.

The problem is with the page name when I breakdown the Target Activity in Analytics it takes into account also the page name of the Control version from which the redirection is happening.

The two version of the homepage in the test have different page name compared to the Control version.

Any workaround to this?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi rishik29577799​,

So a redirect test that is using Analytics for Reporting (A4T)? When looking at the reports you are seeing control page name in the page break-down for visitors in the experience that should have been redirect to the second page?

This can occasionally happen if the Analytics image request fires before the first page is redirected. However, keep in mind visitors aren't actually seeing the control page before being redirected - flicker handling prevents that. That said it is likely safe to ignore that row of the break-down report.

Hope that helps.


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Answers (2)