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We have implemented product recommendations on our product details pages across all of our sites.  I'm already capturing (as an event) all instances where visitors are clicking on a recommendation.  I'm also able to capture the Product SKU for the item which they have clicked.

I'm now trying to determine the best way to track what they are actually purchasing AFTER they have clicked on a recommendation.  More specifically, I need to know if they are actually purchasing a recommendation they have clicked on.  Any suggestions?



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi , 

I assume Problem is interlinked to  Implementation question asked on the DTM forum : 

As, It is very clear that on click of a Product Recommendation you are capturing the Sku_Id of the recomended  product So it would be good to capture the value in a conversion variable say : eVar2=%Recommendation-prod-Sku-Id%  on click of a recommendation item. Also, Please note that that it will also be required to set setting for eVar2 in Adobe Analytics Admin tool - "Allocation Type" : Most Recent  & "Expire After" : Purchase event.

Hence when someone buys  a Product after the clicking on a recommended product we can associate the eVar2 & product variable with Orders metric.

Hence in Report & Analytics we have to break down conversion variable eVar2 with products variable and associate Orders metric with it thus we will get to know that After clicking a recommended product what All products have actually been puchased.

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Parit Mittal