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Clients often ask how long it will take entity & criteria updates to appear on their site. I haven't had a definitive answer other than "90 minutes or tomorrow morning"

What is the rule of thumb for how long it will take for an entity update to appear live, end to end, using different methods of updating entities?

  1. getOffer parameter, such as:[clientcode]/mbox/json?
    As an example, when entity.inventory set to 0, how long will it take for the product to stop appearing in recommendations?
  2. Target 1.0 API Call to:[clientcode]/target/recs/entities...
    Calling the "get entity" api immediately after "save entity" returns the updated entity; how long to live?
  3. Adding/saving/scheduled pickup of a feed?
  4. Entity Save Api.  I have a slide from a presentation by Jon and Ryan titled "Entity Save API" as a way to "programatically update an entity fast."  It shows a call to "" .  My Google-fu isn't able to locate documentation on API calls to; would you point me to it?
  5. What is the fastest of these methods?

On the same topic:

  • What actions trigger the recommendations activity data for a criteria to rebuild? Can you force an activity to rebuild its data? It would be useful to have a date/time the criteria was built in the "Download Data" csv comments at the top (…)
  • In the past I've seen newly added entities take almost exactly 24 hours to appear after they are inserted into the catalog. Is this common?  There is no Date Range setting in a "Similar Attributes" criteria (and I wouldn't expect there to be).

Thank you for your help!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




neilh83114327​ Re posting my reply from the customer care incident for the benefit of everyone else .

Please check out the information under  How long will it take for updates to items in my catalog to be reflected on my site? for the information on how long it should take for your changes to reflect .

In general the fastest way to update any entity would be using the API.

All recommendations APIs are located at .

On the question of updating the criteria, All one-day criteria run twice daily. All one-week and longer criteria run once daily. Site Affinity criteria run once daily. Backup criteria run twice daily. If you are using custom criteria, you can click on the "update criteria" button to build the criteria again. There is also a feature  request logged to have an option to schedule this regularly like other criteria. --> You can up vote this to have this prioritized .

W.r.t your feed back on it being useful to have a date/time the criteria was built in the "Download Data" csv comments at the top , we recommend that you submit this as a  feature request through --> Submit an idea

This has the visibility of the product management team and would help get the feature prioritized if more users on the forum support the idea.

The criteria card currently shows when it was last modified and shows a green status when results are ready.

W.r.t question on a 24 hr delay before the item is recommended,

what you have described is how the recommendations is expected to work . The delay is not exactly 24 hours but yes there is a period of time where that product won't be recommended  .

This is because it won't be recommended until the next time the algorithm that powers the recommendations activity or offer runs;  As mentioned depending on the type of criteria it might run only once every 24 hours. And site affinity and items with similar attributes run only once a day . So depending on when you add the item you might have to wait till algorithms runs next in order to see it recommending the item .

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