Recommendations : Show recommendations on the basis of previous purchase history of "The User"



Hi Team,


As a part of recommendations, we want to show the recommended items to a loggedIn user on the basis of his purchase history and not on the basis of purchase history of all users.

For example, If a user John has redeemed few offers on the website then I would like to show John similar offers on the website. The recommended offers must be 'similar' to the offers John has  redeemed in past. The Recommended offers must not include the redeemed history of other users.


How do we maintain the user profile in the recommendations ?


Thank you in advance for your suggestions.




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Hi @LordOfTheRings ,


Recommendations can be shown using the Custom profile attribute. You need to have the offer codes in the parameter. when the user applies the offer code, trigger the offer code in the profile attribute. Use that profile attribute to show the recommendations.{ "mbox": "clicked-cta", "params": { "profile.param1": "value1" } })