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when I look at the Target Activities Report regarding our recent A/B Tests, I have a varying amount of visitors marked as "unspecified". This number ranges sometimes between 25% and 80% (of unique visitors who are counted as "unspecified"). I am aware, that Adobe Target might take up to 36 hours until traffic is correctly classified regarding one of the experiences. But then, at least for a test which has been deactivated already 1 week ago, the classification should be complete, shouldn't it?

Any idea where this comes from or how to solve it?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi christiank86512120,

There are a number of reasons why visitors would show as "Unspecified"

Per Troubleshoot A4T

There are several reasons why this could happen:

  • Classification in Target hasn't fully processed.Classification generally takes between 24 and 72 hours to classify reports after the first save.
  • The report suite doesn't contain any data, but Target has tried to classify hits. Target cannot classify data until the first hit occurs.Ensure that the report suite has had at least one hit.
  • The classification call from Target to Analytics failed.Contact Customer Care for assistance.

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Answers (3)



christiank86512120​ Can you please match the value for the SDID value(in Analytics call) and mboxMCSDID(in Target call). Please check if the value of these are same.






Hi christiank86512120​,

If you have waited for 36 hours and the activity data still shows up as unspecified, there might be something else causing the issue: ranging from implementation to activity set up, etc. I encourage you to open a Client Care ticket so we can take a look, especially if this happens across multiple activities.