"Blinking" behavior when running XT test



We are experience a "blinking" behavior when we run Experience Targeting test in our webpage. Is it due to the server call to identify whether the visitor qualify for a segment? Any difference if we create the segment via AA / AT / AAM? How can we avoid this? 




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@Becky_C Can you please confirm if Targe thas been deployed Synchronously or Asynchrosuly? If its an async implementation, then please ensure that the flicker control code is added in the source code before Target is implemented.



Karan Dhawan




Dear Beky,

'Blinking Behaviour' or 'Page Blank' will happen to all the customers who have their Header and Footer components embedded within their body. In Target, you would have enabled 'Body Hiding' inside target for the purpose to avoid flickering. So, Target will hide your entire body for a fraction of seconds before the response is received from the target leading to 'Blinking Behaviour' or 'Page Blank'. We have faced the same issue before years and went on with deep learning and exercises to avoid this, but the result is nill. Then we placed the Header and Footer Components out of Body. Then, on the page load, Header and Footer will load without hiding giving the experience to the customers that the page started loading already avoiding the 'Blinking Behaviour' or 'Page Blank'. Or you can ignore the entire 'Body Hiding' instead use the container you want to hide, this is also possible in Target.

body {opacity: 0 !important}

Change it to your container or ID.

#MyContainerID {opacity: 0 !important}

Thank You, Arun.




Hi @Becky_C,

Hard to know what might be causing the blinking behavior with out more details. Can you share a link to the page with the activity running? Audiences/segment differences between AA/AT/AAM shouldn't impact a blink during page load. Is the blinking unique to this activity?