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I am trying to figure out configuration for setting up "rawboxes" with emails. I've been reading the 1 pager Adobe has, but it just leaves me with a bunch of questions that I was hoping someone can answer.

1) I understand a URL needs to be called out from the ESP - but where exactly does that happen? Do I just hand the URL to the ESP and expect them to know how to use it? Or do I have to integrate it onto the email HTML somehow (like an Ajax call).

2) The URL paramters:

    - mbox = the div id in the HTML? do I need to inject an mboxUpdate function as well?

    - mBoxPC / mBoxSession = do I need to come up with values for this? or does the ESP generate them dynamically?

    - = I believe i need to provide this to the ESP to inject

    - mboxDefault / mboxHost : what is the purpose of these?

3) Do I need to inject any javascript into the body of the email? mboxCreate? mboxUpdate? I am just trying to understand how the content gets plugged into the container.

Thank you for your help!

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Hi Steve,

1) the content stored inside the offer is exactly what is returned. No wrapping content of any kind. If you store JSON in the offer, that is what will be returned, with no additional formatting added.

2) the rawbox URL usually gets inserted as the source of a page, a frame, or an iframe. Sometimes it's used as the source of a content block inside an email to be sent.

3) You dont need to make a mboxCreate call or mboxUpdate call. Instead, the rawbox URL is what fires the call to Target.

Does that help?


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Answers (4)



Thank you for your response, i am still a little confused by a few things:

- what exactly is returned from the rawbox URL? just HTML? is it in HTML format or json?

- in an adbox the URL gets inserted in an <img src>  tag..........where does the rawbox URL? Does it get inserted in the HTML? if not, then how else can I use it?

- you said i dont need any other  javascript.....what javascript DO i need? mbox.js?

Thank you!



Hi Steve,

A rawbox call is very similar to an adbox, but instead of returning an image, the recommendations server returns raw HTML. The ESP needs a way to take this HTML and include it in the email when it is sent.

Also, Please refer the following link for rest of the questions :

Also, You don't need to inject any other javascript like mboxCreate and mboxUpdate in the Javascript.

Thanks & Regards

Parit Mittal