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Our team is looking to set up a test on our homepage banner property. To do this we believe we will need to create a profile script in Target. The audiences would be as follows:


  • 1st visit: Support Message (COVID messaging)
  • 2nd visit: D2D Message
  • 3rd visit: Support Message (COVID messaging)
  • 4th visit: D2D Message

Just looking for some examples of profile scripts that would support the above sequuence.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi @alexe58360872  you can create a profile script as below :


Name : Impression

Code :

var freq = user.get("Impression") || 0;
if (freq < 100)
return freq;

Now you can create an audience as Visitor Profile ---> user.Impression ---> contains static value ---> 1,3 ---> for Covid Message
Visitor Profile ---> user.Impression ---> contains static value ---> 2,4 ---> for D2D Message

Hope that helps you.

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