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I was tasked to create an activity where we return the user's last 5 search terms when the user clicks on the  search bar. To do this I've created a profile script that takes the user's search terms passed through a parameter in the global mbox. The script then stores these terms in the visitor profile and it works for a day or so until the SYSTEM deactivates it because it executes more than 2000 instructions. Is there a way to keep this script from executing too many instructions? How can I limit the number of search terms returned from the mbox to 5?

Here is the latest version after countless attempts.


if ( == 'global') {

if (mbox.param('PageType') == 'keywordsearch') {

  function uniq(a) {

          var prims = {"boolean":{}, "number":{}, "string":{}}, objs = [];

          return a.filter(function(item) {

              var type = typeof item;

              if(type in prims)

                  return prims[type].hasOwnProperty(item) ? false : (prims[type][item] = true);


                  return objs.indexOf(item) >= 0 ? false : objs.push(item);




     var term =  mbox.param('searchterm');

     var  prevTerms = user.get('SearchTerms_Live');

      if (prevTerms !== null) {           

       var searchTerms = prevTerms;

       var newSearchArray = [];

       newSearchArray = searchTerms.split(",");   

       newSearchArray.splice(0, 0, term);

       var uniqueTermsArray = uniq(newSearchArray);

       var recentTermsArray = uniqueTermsArray.splice(0, 5);

       var newTermsString = recentTermsArray.toString();

     } else {

       var newTermsString = term;


   return newTermsString ;



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