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chrisw78940856 11-05-2017

I recently created a profile script which captures whether or not the login page has been seen by a visitor:


if(page.url.indexOf("/login") > -1){

  return "hasSeenLogin"



Checking with mboxTrace, I have seen the user parameter working within the same session as the login page view. However when I go back and check again a day or so later, I can no longer see the parameter. 

Is there a reason that it is not remaining for 14 days as per this:



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

ParitMittal 18-05-2017

Hi Chris ,

 I assume your query is resolved . If not, please do let us know so that we can further help you with the same.


Parit Mittal

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

Løjmann 15-05-2017

Hi Chris,

The syntax are ONLY used if you send it in via a mbox call. If you make Profile scripts, the syntax (for the same end result) are

Via mbox call:
Via profile script: (so i guess the code example in this link, using code like profile.get('model')  are incorrect...)

chrisw78940856 15-05-2017

Hi Løjmann,

Thanks for replying. I have tried testing this and it doesn't appear to be working. The test only appears when I go to the login page in the same session.

Also, I tried adding the following to the test to see if anything was being passed:

var param = user.get('Has_Seen_Login_Page') alert(param);

So far this has not worked, even in the same session and with other user parameters, such as IP: 



Is there a significant difference between user and profile params that would be causing this?


Many thanks,


Løjmann 13-05-2017


I think you only see the profile parameters that are sent on the call, not those stored backend... have you tried to setup a test and see if you are included the day after? You can also setup a test, that print out your target profile parameters, that could also help you debug.