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Chand856 08-01-2018

Hi ,

Please help me on the below.

I have a requirement to personalize a component on a page basis visitors geo-location . For example , if visitor geo-location is US then i have one experience , and if it is UK i have another experience . Approach i am aware of is creating audiences for all the geo-locations i am interested in and add those audiences in XT activity creation. But let's say if i am interested in 20 geo-locations , i have to create 20 audiences , instead of this i would like to know whether we can select experience by evaluating geo-location during runtime .

Can it be done using profile script ?

if ( = 'US' ) { NEED SYNTAX TO PICK EXPERIENCE}else if ( = ' UK' )


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

aseelund 08-01-2018

you can pipe your data layer value for country into a global mbox param, then use that as part of your audience targeting within Target.

See Adobe Docu here:

Mbox Parameters

And: Behavioral Targeting

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