Profile lifetime - 2 weeks or 30 days?



Hi Target community,

I have a question around what duration should we set for profile lifetime.

Target's default setting is 2-week of inactivity.

What I realized from A/B tests that have been running 2 months or even longer is that conversion rates regressed

to mean regardless of how drastic the change is.

1. Does this mean the data has a certain level of cookie pollution from the sceanrio below?

   Test launched on day 0. Visitor Tommy entered experience C on day 0.

   Tommy hasn't visited the page where you're running your A/B test on in the next 14 days.

   However, he visited it again on day 17th but placed in a difference experience, and eventually converted.

2. What's the profile lifetime setting you're using and why?

Again, much appreciated any inputs you have.


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