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I am building a small POC to try out some ways to capture data using at.js (version 2.3.0) directly on the page instead of Launch. I attached some profile specific attributes when sending the pageload request, they get stored within the profile in Target, but I am unable to use these parameters when I try to build an Audience in Target using the 'Visitor Profile' selector. 


The request

Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 08.01.07.png

The response with tracing

Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 08.01.30.png


What step am I missing? 


Thanks, Thomas

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Accepted Solutions (1)



The solution:

There was something going wrong on the edge server that I was routed too. The sync between the Edge and the Target DB was not happening which resulted in the properties not showing up in the audience builder. 

--> I needed help from an Adobe Engineer to figure this one out. 

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Answers (4)



@thomashendrickx Can you please ensure that you are meeting the below specifications for the profile parameters:

Maximum count = 50
Name not blank
Name length <= 128
Value length <= 256
Name should not start with "profile."





Greetings !


You can trying passing the profile parameter as 'profile.customer_id' instead of just 'customer_id'. 

Then you should be able to see the parameter while building Audience in Target using the 'Visitor Profile' selector. 


Note : Make sure you fire multiple Target calls containing the parameter so that it can be received by Target server and thus be able to recognize the parameter when creating audience.


Also after firing the target call, check in a fresh session i.e. in an incognito window so that latest changes can be seen in target UI.



Hello @thomashendrickx 


If you are creating any profile attribute through "Profile Scripts" Then it will be available in "Visitor profile" while creating the audience.

Profile scripts >


However I believe the customer_ID is not being passed through 'profile scripts'. Please correct me if there is any difference in understanding.



It might just take some time for it to show up. You could also set up an API call to get the list.