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I have a flow consisting of several steps with different kinds of input fields and buttons.

On one of the steps i would like to test if pre-choosing one of the options and hide it for the customer, increases the conversion rate.

Can this we set up as a test in target - and if how?


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Henrik,

Yes, you can set up this test case in Target !

There is "Add Custom Code" option in VEC modifications tab where you can add your custom logic (code) to Pre-select and hide/disable different elements (i.e. your input fields and buttons) with use of javascript, jquery or any code which is compatible with your webpage.

If you want to pre-select and hide/disable particular element (i.e. your input fields and buttons) for specific customers only, you can follow same steps as above; and you can create specific audience which you can use for targeting.

Let me know if this helps you.

have a good day !


Gauresh Kodg

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