Passing Score for Adobe Target Business Practitioner



Hi Guys,

I used to take Adobe Analytics Developer and Adobe Target Analyst certifications before, and both of them point out the exactly passing score like 69%, 80%.

I'm just wondering what's passing score for now.

Can someone in Adobe help me? I just want to know many questions I should be right to pass the exam.

Like Adobe Target Analyst, I can easily get that I need to get 60*80%=48 questions right to pass the exam.

Does that mean 0 equals 300? 100 equals 700?.

If I get 51 questions right, that means my point is 300 + 51*(400/65) = 614 ?




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Hi there! While the exact number does not seem to be indicated in the FAQs, it seems like you can figure out that the number may be around 50-51 correct answers if the passing score is 550, and if there are 65 questions on the test (assuming that answering all 65 correctly brings you to a score of 700). Hope this helps!

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Hi! Can you explain how the lowest score on the test is 300 points? Does 300 points equal 0% on the test? Do you get 300 points just for taking the test? Does each question then give you 6.15 points ((700-300)/65) in addition to the 300 base points? So answering 50 questions correctly would give you a score of 607.5 out of 700? That can't be it though, because 550 is passing. Can you just explain the math of how the test is graded and how answering 50-51 questions would give you a score of 550?

50/65 = 77%

51/65 = 78%

So you have to have 77-78% to pass?

Sorry, I know I'm in the weeds! I am just really intrigued as to how the exam is calculated! Thank you!!



Can someone just help me on that.. I just want to know how to calculate points and how many questions i need to be right to pass the certification..TanmayM



Hi Amelia,

What I can found are only:


Can you pls tell me how many questions should I be right of total 65 questions to pass?

I didn't take exam with scoring like this before.





Can someone in Adobe help me on that? TanmayM​ @Amelia Waliany