Passing in dynamic data into offer without reloading page



I found this documentation ( which allows us to use profile data in our offers. This works however, I cannot figure out how to pull in updated data values without reloading the page. Is there a way to update the content without reloading the page? Perhaps on some sort of event listener (ex: click event)? 




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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi @Paul_M_Anderson 

we sometimes trigger activities based click events etc using the getOffer() in the handler to retrieve the activity. I  assume you could do the same thing and pass your profile params and then within the loaded offer utilise those params{   
  "mbox": "target-global-mbox", 
  "params": { 
     "a": 1, 
     "b": 2, 
     "profile.age": 27, 
     "profile.gender": "male" 
  "success": function(offer) {           {  
           "mbox": "target-global-mbox", 
           "offer": offer  
        } ); 
  "error": function(status, error) {           
      console.log('Error', status, error); 


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