Passing and other parameters using Adobe Target v2 in SPA

pradeepr6574026 16-03-2020

Hi All,


To utilize the VEC – View Name .We configured as per below setup.

As now we have two rules added to the launch,

Current setup:

Rule 1 : Created a rule to Load Target in page. I use Library Load (page top) event. In actions Load Target , and Fire Page Load Request actions,

Rule 2 : Created a rule to get the view name using custom event, we use the technique of dispatching Custom Event on top of the view, which would trigger a Target call. This event is fired directly from application code.

Then inside the Launch ,I  set up custom event listeners which, when triggered, would fire a Target call.

Under Action – Add params to page load & Trigger view.

For Recommendations parameters for the SPA using Adobe Target V2 ext – Any specific documentation is available.

I can see the delivery call for each page.

In the add param’s I added the parameter  which will fetch the Id value from the Data element which will be populated from the data layer.

Unfortunately, In the delivery call, I am seeing parameter with empty value.

Before the data layer value is available on the page, this custom event rule is triggered, Some timing issue I think.Do we have any workaround or if  any of you have  inputs it would be helpful.


Instead of Passing parameters through launch, Can i use  targetPageParams() directly on the page to pass the parameters on the respective pages.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

LordOfTheRings 16-03-2020

Hi @pradeepr6574026  In the launch rule, try including a custom code before the Load Target action.

In this custom code, you can get the value of data element from data layer (when it is defined) and through targetPageParams  you can add this parameter to target call.

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