Order Confirmation Mbox - Add custom parameters??



Hi Guys,

I use Adobe Target on an e-commerce website. I am order confirmation mbox to get order details for a test. Currently, I am passing only three parameters (order id, order total & productPurchaseID) in the mbox as suggested in the documentation - Create an Order Confirmation mbox - at.js

I tried passing more than three parameters in the mbox but they do not show in the audit report or the API report.

Is there a way that I can add more than three parameters in this mbox like productName, productCategory and get them in the audit report or using the Target API?

Appreciate your help!


Suchindra Kala

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Nope. These are to only 3 fields that you can pass data to the Target DB, audit tables. Here is a couple hacks/work-arounds we used.

1. Pass more than one parameter in orderId and productPurchasedID. We've passed strings like this "12345677|abcsedee|dfdf123uejjs" into the orderId and then parsed them out on the DW end. ProductPurchaseId can be comma delimited and you could do the same thing once you pull them with an API you can parse them out on the backend.

2. Use A4T. If you are using Analytics setup the integration and pass events, variables or whatever data you need into the AA and report on those parameters in the AA UI or pull from the API.

Hope this helps. Adobe always gets a weird look on their face when I tell them I would love more parameters to collect data on a per mbox level. Target is also on Adobe I/O which is better and Adobe Analytics isn't quite there yet.