No Marketing Cloud login means no Target (Standard) login!



Right now the marketing cloud "Customer Portal UI" is down again. Most products can still be accessed via the Legacy Product Logins. However, Adobe Target Standard is inaccessible when the cloud portal is down and there is no legacy login or workaround for accessing it. This means that a considerable amount of highly visible content showing on our site (including always-on Automated Personalization shown to all visitors) cannot be modified, leaving us exposed when we have important/timely promotions that need to be updated (e.g. product launch, key events, etc.). Also, if a content mistake/issue is reported in one of our campaign experiences, we have no way to fix while the cloud portal is down.

What is being done to address this downtime exposure for clients who have embraced the new Target and have multiple campaigns running all the time? Are there other users of Target Standard out there affected in this way by marketing cloud portal downtime/maintenance? (This is the second time in the past month.)

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Mark,


Thank you for writing to us. I understand and would like to apologize for this.


Target Standard was scheduled for maintenance in the said time frame hence you may have faced this issue. Customers are generally informed of any maintenance activity well in advance so that they can plan accordingly.

An error was reported on the Marketing Cloud UI yesterday which was resolved within 1.5 hours of being reported. We do understand that would not be a pleasant experience for our customers hence the relevant teams do a deep dive and determine the root cause for such issues which helps prevent such instances from being repeated.


All system outages are reported on this link and updated periodically so as to reflect the correct status and the respective ETA.