New vs returning visitor

sabahatu1546489 07-11-2017

HI there,

Could you tell me how long the does the Adobe considers New vs Returning visitor?

If we launch an activity to New Visitors audience, when would the user be classified as Returning Visitor and stop bucketing into the Activity?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


A "New Visitor"'s first visit lasts as long as they are active. If the user is inactive for 30 minutes or longer, their session is reset, meaning that they will then become a "Return Visitor" upon their next visit or once they become active again after those 30 minutes of inactivity. This also means that if the visitor moves around the site every 29 for a whole day, they will be counted as a "New Visitor" that whole day, since their session was never reset (because they never went over the 30 minute threshold). Check out our article on New or Returning Visitor in our product documentation for more info. Hope this is helpful!

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

LJ_Jones 21-12-2017

Yes, they can easily be used as entry criteria.  You just set it up in your Audience Refinements.  Go to Audience -> Visitor Profile -> New Visitor.


YogitaBist 21-12-2017

@bkmills1 this is possible.

1) Create profile scripts

if(user.isFirstSession) {

return true;


2) create audience


4) Activate the response token (This will help you identify if the script is working ), you can check the details in mbox json response in network tab


hope this was helpful

bkmills1 27-12-2017

Thanks LJ and YogitaBist!

@LJ, this is what I ended up doing. We've used this audience many times for report filtering, but never for entry.

Worked like a charm!

- Brion

bkmills1 12-12-2017

Hi Amelia!

I'm wondering, can either of these profiles be used as entry criteria? For example, I only want to allow new user's into my activity.