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I am creating a rule based on network details i.e

  1. Audiences > Create Audience >Add Rule > Network > Domain Name

and I am within my in network connection but I am not seeing the experience. I see it for some(including me) but not for others, also network wifi.

Please let me know how i can achieve this.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hey Prarthana,

I'd use the mboxTrace debugging tool to see what is returned for your IPs for domainName and then adjust your audience accordingly. Here's the help doc on using the mboxTrace tool: Troubleshooting Content Delivery​. You'll also need to get the auth token (described in the doc). You can find it in Target > Setup > Implemenation > Generate Authorization Token.

Then load the page where Target is implemented and open the developer tools > network tab to view the mbox request response. In Chrome it will look like this:


Also, if you know other specific IP addresses that you want to include you can use the "&mboxOverride.browserIp=X.X.X.X" debugging parameter to spoof Target into thinking you are coming from a different IP and thereby see what it's domainName is too. Just add that parameter to your page URL (use a "?" instead of the "&" if there is no "?" in your page URL). Hope that helps.

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Answers (3)